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Kolumna Stephena Kinga 'The Pop Of King' w magazynie Entertainment Weekly
Nr Data Tytuł
1 08.08.2003r. The Tao of Steve
2 22.08.2003r. Always, They Come Back
3 19.09.2003r. Listen Up
4 03.10.2003r. In My Book, It's No Contest
5 24.10.2003r. No Pain, No Fame
6 14.11.2003r. Do Movies Matter (Part 1)
7 28.11.2003r. Do Movies Matter (Part 2)
8 05.12.2003r. Don't Go To Sleep
9 13.02.2004r. You Don't Know Jackson
10 05.03.2004r. The Rating Game
11 19.03.2004r. The Passion of Alicia
12 09.04.2004r. Enquiring Minds...
13 30.04.2004r. Head-Bangor's Ball
14 21.05.2004r. It's Alive! Alive!
15 11.06.2004r. Lines To Live By
16 09.07.2004r. A Kingdom That Didn't Come
17 30.07.2004r. Now Hear This
18 30.08.2004r. The Four-Star Follies
19 17.09.2004r. Paint it Black
20 10.10.2004r. Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar
21 29.10.2004r. Pet Peeves of 2004
22 19.11.2004r. A Dozen Thanks
23 10.12.2004r. Ear Candy
24 17.12.2004r. The Pop of King
25 24.12.2004r. Personal Best
26 21.01.2005r. Crying Wolfe
27 18.02.2005r. The 14 Lessons of "24"
28 04.03.2005r. The Worst Ads on TV
29 25.03.2005r. No Stars, Sorry
30 08.04.2005r. My Fever Pitch Obsession
31 29.04.2005r. Prime Downloads
32 03.06.2005r. My Summer Hit List
33 17.06.2005r. Extras Bite
34 08.07.2005r. Long Live the Dead
35 29.07.2005r. Poppin' Fresh
36 12.08.2005r. Kick-Back Books
37 09.09.2005r. Lost's Soul
38 30.09.2005r. My So-Called Admirer
39 28.10.2005r. The Fright Stuff
40 18.11.2005r. Lights in a Box
41 09.12.2005r. Music to My Ears
42 16.12.2005r. Scene It
43 23.12.2005r. Book End?
44 20.01.2006r. Just Askin'
45 10.02.2006r. Frey's Lies
46 03.03.2006r. Mistakes Were Made
47 31.03.2006r. Confessions of a TV Slut
48 21.04.2006r. My Morning People
49 12.05.2006r. Summer Hits & Misses

Pozostałe artykuły Stephena Kinga dla magazynu Entertainment Weekly
Data Tytuł
czerwiec 2005r. The Sideshow Has Left Town
marzec 2006r. Analyzing Oscar

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Data Magazyn Tytuł
03.04.2005r. The New York Times It's Weird but True. The Gloom Is Gone in Mudville.
08.05.2005r. The Boston Globe Gangster rap

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